What would we do without YOU

Welcome to 2016 where I would like you to argue with me if you cannot for the life of you find the solution to your problem on the internet. I mean it’s not always smart, say googling when you’re not feeling well or injured…IMG_7267I mean just this morning I googled if sesame seeds were bad for dogs, I had dropped an entire bottle all over my kitchen and some landing in her food, bowl, now dog food is expensive and I really did not want to throw out the whole bowl, especially since she is three pounds and a bowl of food last about 3 days. The internet was there to help me with all my problems. Hell no we even get to take classes or complete entire degrees through the internet. Blogging has become a successful network for millions of people. It has given voice, it has provided social change, I couldn’t even begin to listen the miraculous uses for this web-a-sphere. It has endless possibilities and with the right attention you can find anything and everything you need. And if you don’t hell, you can create it for yourself.

Help me pay

Throw your hands in the air if you’re graduating!!! and then go hide in a corner because you realize you can’t take any more school loans out to cover your expenses and all the loans you did take out need repaying. Say hello to this guy and then say hello to your new hobby. The whole purpose of my posts is to tell you a little something about blogging, from food to fashion to personal success stories to just the basics. This could actually change your life if you really want it to, so why not give it a shot?

Ego Bloggers

You Have to Hear This

“The concept of reality.” is the argument of these so called “ego bloggers.”

This Ted Talk is worth listen, especially for those who truly don’t understand blogging. Andy Torres says “we don’t want to rely on the magazines, we want to see this on real people.” She’s referencing fashion and style blog. She makes a clear argument, no, a clear conversation about the benefits of personal blogging such as style blogging. The internet has given the world an opportunity for a whole new type of conversation. One everyone should take advantage of. Media, for one has taken over a vast majority of our lives. It is an influence in every day society. Instead of looking to advertisements for inspiration why can’t we look towards individuals. Yes there are a multitude of subjects and life crisis that need attention. But everyone is also human and they need to see and hear things that make them successful beings. If that means they need to see someone who doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine wearing clothes they could afford than so be it. We shouldn’t down play people who are still influencing the lives of others, even if it doesn’t seem to be in a remarkable life altering way.

becoming of the blog



what does all that information mean?

A link to a blog is such a natural piece of information to see now a days, the entire argument of this blog. See how simple it was for me to click start a new blog type in an address and produce content. Snap your fingers because if you are familiar with a computer you’ve got every tool to become a blogger, become one with the computer and your a pro. That sounded a little more spiritual than necessary, but bloggers know their work.

Everyone’s got something to say about blogging.

Remaining relevant is a thing and it has become a full time job. Keep your blog post alive, fresh, new!





Following my last post about a day in the life I decided to focus on sponsorship because I found quiet a few blogs speaking through it, especially one day in the life blog:

GEN Y Day in the life & sponsorship

“Sponsored by, the ideas are entirely my own”

Tag lines on many blogs or even hyperlinks in conversation.

What is sponsorship exactly? My definition? Social media bartering is one way to put it. You provide one service and they provide another, a lot of companies provide free goods, often their is even a monetary exchange.

Blogadvertising says: A sponsored post is when a blogger receives payment to publish an article provided by the sponsor or written by the blogger, but includes at least one contextual link.  The article is known as a sponsored post, guest post, post with a link and probably many other names.

Blogadvertising even provides a list of tips for your own sponsorship needs:

Tips for sponsored posts

  • Apply a term limit such as 1yr or up to 3yrs
  • If you blog usually contains images, include them in the post
  • Don’t publish back to back sponsored posts
  • Don’t alienate or inundate your audience with too many sponsored posts
  • Limit the post to 2 links
  • Include a legitimate link in addition to the paid links
  • Make sure the writing is up to your standards of writing
  • Make sure the article is still relevant to your readers
  • Consider negotiating repeated sponsored posts for a discounted rate (example 1 post every week at a discount)
  • Be aware of claims for a guest post, you deserve more respect than that!

Here’t the deal, if someone is benefiting from your blog post you should look into sponsorship.


Sponsorship has allowed blogs to evolve into full on marketing campaigns and personal business. So let’s get your opinion, how do you feel about personal marketing for companies?

A Day In the Life

Keeping a blog alive is a full time commitment. It may seem easy from an outsiders prospective but bloggers are constantly culminating new content. They have to collect lots of material and most bloggers are using their real lives to influence their blog, see all the food on someones snapchat as they prep their next blog post? They curated a recipe or spent time researching. They made a grocery list, went to the store, prepped their ingredients. They have a space for pictures, the right camera, they know how to photoshop and edit. They spend time and money crafting the perfect image, the perfect product. Their blog is their product and it’s part of their entire lives.

Someone else already curated a post on the same topic! BIG SURPRISE! no fear i can contextually link them in because these people listed their own lifestyle bloggers lives. The power of the blog, theres one for all your needs.