A Day In the Life

Keeping a blog alive is a full time commitment. It may seem easy from an outsiders prospective but bloggers are constantly culminating new content. They have to collect lots of material and most bloggers are using their real lives to influence their blog, see all the food on someones snapchat as they prep their next blog post? They curated a recipe or spent time researching. They made a grocery list, went to the store, prepped their ingredients. They have a space for pictures, the right camera, they know how to photoshop and edit. They spend time and money crafting the perfect image, the perfect product. Their blog is their product and it’s part of their entire lives.

Someone else already curated a post on the same topic! BIG SURPRISE! no fear i can contextually link them in because these people listed their own lifestyle bloggers lives. The power of the blog, theres one for all your needs.

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