Following my last post about a day in the life I decided to focus on sponsorship because I found quiet a few blogs speaking through it, especially one day in the life blog:

GEN Y Day in the life & sponsorship

“Sponsored by, the ideas are entirely my own”

Tag lines on many blogs or even hyperlinks in conversation.

What is sponsorship exactly? My definition? Social media bartering is one way to put it. You provide one service and they provide another, a lot of companies provide free goods, often their is even a monetary exchange.

Blogadvertising says: A sponsored post is when a blogger receives payment to publish an article provided by the sponsor or written by the blogger, but includes at least one contextual link.  The article is known as a sponsored post, guest post, post with a link and probably many other names.

Blogadvertising even provides a list of tips for your own sponsorship needs:

Tips for sponsored posts

  • Apply a term limit such as 1yr or up to 3yrs
  • If you blog usually contains images, include them in the post
  • Don’t publish back to back sponsored posts
  • Don’t alienate or inundate your audience with too many sponsored posts
  • Limit the post to 2 links
  • Include a legitimate link in addition to the paid links
  • Make sure the writing is up to your standards of writing
  • Make sure the article is still relevant to your readers
  • Consider negotiating repeated sponsored posts for a discounted rate (example 1 post every week at a discount)
  • Be aware of claims for a guest post, you deserve more respect than that!

Here’t the deal, if someone is benefiting from your blog post you should look into sponsorship.


Sponsorship has allowed blogs to evolve into full on marketing campaigns and personal business. So let’s get your opinion, how do you feel about personal marketing for companies?

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