What would we do without YOU

Welcome to 2016 where I would like you to argue with me if you cannot for the life of you find the solution to your problem on the internet. I mean it’s not always smart, say googling when you’re not feeling well or injured…IMG_7267I mean just this morning I googled if sesame seeds were bad for dogs, I had dropped an entire bottle all over my kitchen and some landing in her food, bowl, now dog food is expensive and I really did not want to throw out the whole bowl, especially since she is three pounds and a bowl of food last about 3 days. The internet was there to help me with all my problems. Hell no we even get to take classes or complete entire degrees through the internet. Blogging has become a successful network for millions of people. It has given voice, it has provided social change, I couldn’t even begin to listen the miraculous uses for this web-a-sphere. It has endless possibilities and with the right attention you can find anything and everything you need. And if you don’t hell, you can create it for yourself.

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