Take that picture of your food

I’ve worked in restaurants for the past 2.5 years to get my way through college. Everyone is taking pictures of their food, at first, it used to annoy me. Then a blogger came in, who had been in contact with the restaurants PR. They did their thing, positioned the condiments in the appropriate places, stood to get the proper angle. Bam time came to pay and guess what, they didn’t have too. It’s part of the exchange. Hashtags, linking the location, tagging it all gets the restaurant involved, more traffic for restaurant and blogger. I even use the hashtag #brunchnyc to find new and delicious plays to eat on my weekends, and I know I’m not the only one.

That’s one version of taking pictures of your food, the other is curating the actual food. What it means to be a virtual chef. This is a funny, light hearted and simple but well put together blog post on the real struggles of a professional food blogger.


The Power of the Post

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, those little buttons are ingrained in our  heads. The graphics of each appears on websites, in emails, on our phone screens, it’s become an integral part of our culture. Love it or hate it but the internet has been intwined into a majority of our lives. People have become brands, they’ve built lives on the internet. Welcome to personal blogging. I myself have become part of this pact as a lifestyle blogger but the range of blogging subjects is extensive. If you can’t find a blog on it you should probably create one, stat.

You can’t be a one women show either, your blog is linked to your Instagram, your Facebook, your snapchat, even youtube. One or more of these links is involved, sometimes there’s an e-mail subscription tied into the mix if you want it you can have it. In the world of the internet anything is possible.

Blogging is at an all time high. There are complete careers off blogging. The power of  the post is in the bloggers hands, or the viewers… you can decided, who really has more power? It’s like the “what came first the chicken or the egg” is it the content of a singular blog post or an all over successful blog?

I’m going to take on the challenge of looking into blogging as the powerful medium of communication it has become, Cheers!