Ego Bloggers

You Have to Hear This

“The concept of reality.” is the argument of these so called “ego bloggers.”

This Ted Talk is worth listen, especially for those who truly don’t understand blogging. Andy Torres says “we don’t want to rely on the magazines, we want to see this on real people.” She’s referencing fashion and style blog. She makes a clear argument, no, a clear conversation about the benefits of personal blogging such as style blogging. The internet has given the world an opportunity for a whole new type of conversation. One everyone should take advantage of. Media, for one has taken over a vast majority of our lives. It is an influence in every day society. Instead of looking to advertisements for inspiration why can’t we look towards individuals. Yes there are a multitude of subjects and life crisis that need attention. But everyone is also human and they need to see and hear things that make them successful beings. If that means they need to see someone who doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine wearing clothes they could afford than so be it. We shouldn’t down play people who are still influencing the lives of others, even if it doesn’t seem to be in a remarkable life altering way.